Why Weight Training is Important

Why Weight Training is Important

If you go into your gym or talk to anyone around you that is currently trying to lose weight, they will all keep stressing on the importance of cardio, and will very rarely mention using weights to help them lose weight. This is because a lot of people believe that cardio is the only means to lose weight, and that weight training is only for bulking up, and this is especially common with women, which is why you will not find any many women lifting heavyweights. So, i thought about this and I felt like this really needed to be discussed.

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While, cardio is good for losing weight, and weight training do help you bulk up, that is not all that they do. Weight training actually helps you lose fat, and at the same time build muscle mass as well. Cardio will lead to a leaner body, but weight training and cardio together will result in a more toned and well-built body regardless of your gender. Besides, women who weight train do not build up a lot of muscle like men. This is because women do not have testosterone, unlike men, and testosterone plays a huge part in bulking up, so if a woman weight lifts, she will just have a slightly more toned and defined body, unless she is actively taking supplements or steroids to make herself bigger because that is a different story.

Weight training allows you to not only build muscle, but it also helps you to burn more calories, and lose fat a lot more quickly as well. This is especially true for your core, so with weight training, you will lose more fat, your core strength will increase, and the fat around your stomach is also more likely to go away.

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