Blockchain technology- The worth of disruption

Blockchain technology- The worth of disruption

Like the old adage That it was not the prospectors but and shovels that prospered from the worth of the Goldrush Bitcoin may be seen to lie not the innovation it brings but although in its value. At the heart of Bitcoin Lies an internet, the blockchain, decentralized ledger that lists all transactions. The blockchain has the potential to circumvent traditional middlemen and deliver savings of time and money and allows peering transfers.

Remittances are a Platform the blockchain has the potential the chance to return value to the client. The World Bank estimated global remittances in 2011 totalled over $500bn, roughly $400bn of the going to developing countries. Remittances in the UK were estimated at $23.1bn making it the third largest source following the US ($120bn) and Canada ($23.3bn). In the same year India was the top receiver, getting $63.8bn followed by China ($40.48bn), Mexico ($23.59bn), Philippines ($22.97bn) and Nigeria ($20.62bn).

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Remittance platforms Are a combination of the formal and informal, which range from money hauled across borders by family and friends and hawala brokers to banks and money transfer operators (MTO’s). These programs are by no means fool proof and are loaded with inefficiency. Bank transfers are not universal in their coverage, the major UK bank, Barclays providing services declared its intent to shut down these money transfer companies registered with its accounts laundering and terrorist financing. This impacted on the $162m delivered from the UK to Somalia annually, the vast majority of that goes to covering basic household expenses like food, education and medication. Many countries also restrict remittances being paid with MTO’s into contract and banks to function on their behalf.

The cost of Remittances using a MTO from the united kingdom varies per destination country, typically 6 – 11 percent of the complete amount going to the provider. In an industry the chances by reducing transaction costs by means of a platform to enhance the welfare of recipients are significant. With the introduction of pockets with bitcoin price money conversion purposes there exists the chance for anonymous and secure remittances from ones choosing’s money is for recipient and the sender to have a phone using a wallet downloaded that is customized. Features and the price of this trade can be set by the pocket supplier, the chance existing to shave percentage points of transaction expenses that were present.

An alternate means of Transmission is through Bitcoin ATM’s, ATM’s configured to have Bitcoin direct rather than have one buy it through a market, Though small in number they are quickly gaining traction in the US and Europe, manufacturers like Lamassu indicating the provision of transmission and currency conversion performance. Such performance would allow one to add or’bank’ money into an ATM in state A and a receiver to securely withdraw the funds in the currency of their choosing in state B.

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